"Your unique heating solution can be designed as a prototype shipped to you for your approval in days. Go with just the heater and controls, or rely on our design team to fabricate then ship you a fully-assembled component that you can simply plug-in. If you just want it to work, and want guaranteed on-time delivery, welcome to Hi-Heat Industries. " - Charlie Guinn, Co-Founder

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Learn About Flexible Electric Heating Elements & Materials

Silicone rubber heaters provide dependable performance under rigorous conditions.  These heaters can be designed and fabricated to fit your industrial application.

We use custom software to calculate the configuration of the heating element of the silicone rubber heater, given the...

Polyester heaters are used to heat large areas very economically. These heaters can be custom designed and manufactured to fit your application.

Low temp -- the maximum surface temperature for the polyester heater is 105°C (221° F). 

Industry applications include medical...

Enclosure heaters are custom designed for a wide variety of environmental conditions.

These units are a necessity when freeze and condensation protection is required.

The enclosure heater can be ordered by themselves with an adhesive backing or factory vulcanized to an aluminum...

Hi-Heat Industries custom designs etched foil Kapton®/polyimide heaters in an unlimited range of sizes, shapes, and wattages. 

Get a custom consultation.

Kapton heaters have a thin, lightweight design --0....

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